Frequently Asked Questions

Will you contact my client directly?

No. As a builder we know how valuable your clients are to you. We will not side-step or go around you to your client. We will only have client contact as you permit or if you request it. Our directive in offering our Builder Services is to create long-term lasting relationships with local builders and provide services that make your projects more profitable and flow smoother.

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How do you determine the cost of your services?

We bill on an hourly rate based on the services performed. We also charge for printouts, blueprints and other materials as required by the service. We will provided you with a project quote for all services we will be performing for you before we start on any project. The quote will outline all services and related costs.

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Am I required to provide a deposit for work to proceed?

On larger projects such as building designs we require a deposit of 1/2 of the quoted amount before work begins. Supplies such as paper, etc. will be billed at project end. Small projects such as beam calculations will be invoiced after the service is provided. Please contact us for more information, service costs, hourly rate, and setting up an account.

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What's included in a residential design plan package?

Here's a list of the what's included in our residential design plan package along with some options you may wish to add on. All package drawings are full "D" size 24 x 36 drawings.

  • Floor plans for all levels - basement / foundation, first floor, second floor, etc.
  • Four (4) exterior elevations
  • One typical wall cross section
  • Window and exterior door schedule
  • Construction details page

Options you may want to add on:

  • Room finish schedule
  • Interior detail layout - cabinet layout and fireplace layout
  • Additional smaller sized versions of drawing for various contractors

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