Garage & Deck Consulting

Do you need a little technical help with that upcoming garage or deck project? We can help by providing unique technical information for you.

For example, we can offer you technical support and information on a wide variety of truss systems including attic trusses with multi-ply girder trusses for dormer support. Or would you like help calculating and configuring the correct loading required for garage attics that might be used for storage or even a guest area?

Has your client just asked you for a multi-level, flowing deck design that will include a hot tub, storage area, outdoor cooking area as well as tied it into their existing dock? Are you ready to take the next step in offering your clients a little more than a basic rectangular deck? We offer you our services to design and engineer any uniquely shaped deck and rail system. We'll even take the design a step further for you and provide you with the proper materials specifications - whether you'll be building with plastic wood decking or conventional materials. We can also engineer the deck to support loads such as hot tubs - before or after construction!

Give us a call today and we'll be glad to add another level to your deck building expertise.