New York Energy Code Compliance Calculation Service

We create energy code compliance calculation reports, sometimes called heat calc, Rescheck, or energy calc reports, for the New York energy code program for both residential and light commercial buildings.

What Is An Energy Compliance Report

Energy Star ProgramThe Energy Compliance Report provides energy calculations that will allow either the home owner or the business owner and the code inspector to determine if the building meets the New York Energy Star criteria for energy efficiency. The report takes into consideration such factors as window packages, insulation levels, glazing U-factors, and climate zone. The energy calculations will also aid the heating contractor in correctly sizing the heating system.

What You Receive

We provide three (3) copies of the energy calculation for each project. (If needed additional copies can be supplied for a minimal cost.)

How to Get Your Energy Compliance Report

  1. Purchase our Energy Code Compliance Report by clicking on the Order button below and filling out your contact information in the PayPal secure shopping cart.
  2. Download, print and complete our Check List Form with all the information about your project. Click here to download the Check List Form (PDF).
  3. Mail the completed Check List Form along with a set of project prints (prints will be returned along with report) to:

Northern Design Services, Inc.
6648 Sylvan Shore Dr.
Hazelhurst, WI 54531

Please note: A hard copy set of project prints is required to create the Energy Compliance Report. If you wish to email a set of prints you may do so, but there is a $4.25 per page charge for printing. The printed set will be sent to you along with the report.

New York Energy Code Compliance Report (3 Copies) - $225.00 per project, plus $15 S&H.


New York Energy Code Compliance Report (3 Copies) - $225.00 per project, plus Express Shipping $40 S&H.


Additional Compliance Report - $10.00
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Please feel free to call us with any additional questions: 715-356-9946

Energy Code Compliance Report