Pre-Built Panel Systems - An Overview

Northern Design Services, Inc. offers you an innovative way to build using pre-built panel systems, sometimes referred to as panelized building system. Building with pre-built panel systems has the advantage of factory controlled precision. Pre-manufacture red panel systems are created using CAD computer technology, high-tech cutting saws and built under strict design and quality control supervision.

Flexibility is the key to building with pre-build sections. Along with virtually any size requirement you can also choose a variety of options such as wall stud thickness and wall sheathing.

You can use pre-built systems for almost every phase of a building project from pre-built floor systems to pre-built walls and top it off with pre-built roof trusses. When construction time and savings are important consider using a pre-built panel building system.

Northern Design Services, Inc. can work from virtually any building plan to provide you with an accurate construction quote. If you do not currently have a plan or you wish to modify an existing plan our experienced design staff will be glad to work with you on designing your dream home.

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Use Panelized Wall and Construction Systems on Your Remodel Too

pre-built panel remodelPre-build panel systems are not just for new construction. A panel system can easily be designed for your remodel project too. Visit out Remodel section to view a dramatic transformation from small cottage to gorgeous vacation home using pre-built panel system.