Pre-Built Wall Systems

From simple to complex, pre-built wall systems fill the need. Pre-manufactured wall systems give the flexibility and performance demanded by even the most complex building designs. Select the studding size and spacing, the sheathing type and our manufacturer of pre-built walls will handle the rest. Your quality engineered pre-built wall system comes with all headers and all intersecting wall blocking installed factory precise and ready for installation.

Pre-built angled walls for large facade, vaulted rooms containing window openings and reinforced with microlam and timberstrand studs, to accommodate great wind loads, is but one application well suited for manufactured pre-built wall systems.

Our experienced set crew can erect most homes in 1 to 2 weeks to shell with felt paper on roof using pre-built construction systems.

prebuilt panel wall system

The process of building a panel system home is amazing to see. The pre-built panel wall system, flooring system and pre-built roof truss systems go up rapidly and according to design. Click here to see more of this residential panel system project in all it's various phases.

Five Day Panel Set Home Project!

Below are a few photos from a recent panel set project. The set, including a complicated roof truss system, was accomplished in just five days!

panel set roof trusses

panel set home

Panel set home

That's right, just five days!!