Anatomy of a Log Cabin Build

We thought you might like to see the process that goes into building a log cabin. The following a general flow of what goes into the complete building process of a log home. Enjoy, this could be your dream cabin too!

Selecting just the right location is part of the dream. As you visit areas, visualize the view and how the cabin might work with the lay of the land. We're always glad to assist you in site consultation. Your cabin building plans then need to be designed or purchased.

Once a suitable building lot has been selected, surveyed, building permits acquired, and perk tested it's time to put in the access road to the building site.

Another exciting milestone is seeing the foundation dug and the foundation and basement walls go in.

In the northern climes we pay extra attention to proper insulation and foundation preparation.

Once the foundation has been completed and partially back filled. It's time for the building materials to start to arrive.

Depending on the location and time of year, along with other factors, we may need to bring the building materials to your site in small loads. The first building materials to arrive are the floor joists and sub-flooring components.

The logs for the cabin begin to arrive and are staged for easy access. Soon there after the logs begin to go up.

It doesn't take long for the log cabin's walls to go up and take shape. Window and door openings are cut and the roof trusses begin to go up.

Upper story dormers are framed in.

Meanwhile the interior walls are framed in and the other trades start to work their magic.

The cabin is now "under roof" and the windows and doors begin to go in.

Most of the building activity now moves to the inside of the cabin.

Interior work continues with ceiling treatment, electrical, plumbing, stair, and flooring installation.

Back outside the logs are stained, sealed and chinked with the latest, long-lasting materials.

The front deck has been added along with the lower level sliding doors. Back filling has been done and the landscaping started with the addition of rock retaining walls.

The back porch adds a wonderful place to sit.

A view of the completed loft dormer with solid log siding that matches the full log cabin. The loft dormer provides space for a sitting area and an upstairs bathroom.

The log stair case is a focal point to the cabin. Hardwood floors, ceiling lights and wall sconces finish it off.

The open log stairs provide light to the lower level stairs and maintain the open feel of the cabin.

Hardwood floors, complimentary tile in the kitchen, cabinets along with select lighting fixtures finish off the log cabin.

Interior finished framing is added in any style you like.

The loft dormer addition provides for a cozy sitting area and a loft bathroom making for a spacious master suite in the loft.

The view from the loft into the great room and out over the lake is beautiful. A view you'll never get tired of.