Single Family Home Construction

Northern Design Services, Inc. has the experience and creativity to make building your dream home an enjoyable experience.

We coordinate all phases of constructing your home. If you wish we can assist in locating the right home site for your new home. If you already have a building location in mind, we'll visit the lot and provide you with an assessment of the feasibility of building your new home on the site along with helpful suggestions.

Green building is not just a color anymore. Ask us about zero energy homes, eco-homes, and passive homes. We're committed to sustainability in both our design and building techniques. The environment and your long term costs are important to us. Northern Design Services, Inc. is a member of the Wisconsin Energy Star program and builds to Wisconsin Energy Star standards. The Wisconsin Energy Star program is designed to educate builders about the latest in energy conservation building methods - which ultimately saves you money on heating and cooling costs. Northern Design Services will make sure your new home will provide additional comfort year round.

We're committed to complete client satisfaction. We encourage you to ask your friends and neighbors about our quality and reputation - the next Northern Design home may be yours. Contact us today!

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